What Happens If a Person Who Owes Money Moves Without Providing New Address Details?

A Professional Skip Tracer Who Provides Locating Services May Be Able to Find New Address Details For a Debtor. Often Skip Tracers Will Have Access to Government Databases and Other Sources of Information That Is Unavailable to the General Public.

Understanding How Skip Tracing Works to Locate Lost Debtors

Skip tracing helps creditors to find out the whereabouts, and other details, of debtors who owe money.  A professional skip tracing service will have the access to, and the expertise to utilize, reliable resources of information that may be unavailable to the general public due to privacy law restrictions or even the viability of user fees, among other things.

Services Include:
  • Driver's License Searches Via Ministry of Transportation Records
  • Property Searches Involving Real Estate Assets

Reasons Include:
  • Former Tenants Who Moved Away With Money Still Owing to a Landlord;
  • Contractors Who Took a Deposit and Disappeared Without Performing Work;
  • Long Lost Uncles or Other Family Who Are Heirs or Beneficiaries;
  • Identifying Employer to Enable Garnishment of Wages;
  • Recovering Misappropriated Belongings; and
  • Much, Much, More.

If you need to locate a person, whether that person is a debtor who owes you money, a witness you need to support your side of the story in a legal case, or for other legitimate legal reasons, the locating and skip tracing services of Sarah Teal may be able to help you.

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